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  • Word-Faith (2)
  • Dispensationalism (2) - I won't try to summarize this one. It took me a chapter and a half of a book on the subject for me to understand the term.
  • Reformed (13) - What is Reformed theology? It is the theology of the Reformers, such as John Calvin and Martin Luther. It is often summarized by the five doctrines of grace: total depravity of man, unconditional election of God, limited atonement, irresistable grace, and the perseverance of the saints.
  • Remonstrant (11) - Who were the Remonstrants? They are those who with James Hermann (Or Jakob Harmensen or latin Jacobus Arminius) vigorously disagreed with some of the conclusions to which Reformers such as Calvin's followers had come in putting a great emphasis on the doctrine of predestination. I would currently have to say that I have Remonstrant leanings in my theological beliefs, but I am still learning and still striving to obtain a better understanding of the nature of God's work in the heart of man. I, with Arminius, accept the Reformed doctrine of the total depravity of man, but I find serious problems with the scriptural backing for the Reformed doctrines of unconditional election, limited atonement, and irresistable grace. As for the perseverance of the saints, I concur with the Remonstrants that "this must be the subject of more exact inquiry in the Holy Scriptures, before we can teach it with full confidence of ... mind."
  • Political Involvement (1) - I believe that Christians should be intimately involved in altering the political climate of their nation, but I offer sites with arguments on either side.

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